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A Joy Forever

Quick Details

Adult (16+) 16+ years old

Keats, Wordsworth, and other loaded encounters!

In 1818, John Keats set out on a walking tour of the Lake District and Scotland. He called in at Wordsworth’s house, but missed him by a whisker: the elder poet was out for the day.

A Joy Forever is the Keats-themed reading series developed by poets and friends Julia Bird and Mike Sims. Over the last decade, their events at Keats House in Hampstead, the Keats Shelley House in Rome and literary festivals round the UK have taken a playful and social approach to the life and writing of Keats.

Keats’ missed meeting with Wordsworth is the starting point for an afternoon of lively chat about the gatherings, get-togethers and chance encounters that kept the Romantics’ circle spinning. Expect reading and conversation, old and new poems, games and giveaways.

A Joy Forever: a walk out with John Keats by Julia Bird & Mike Sims – a book inspired by their events – is out now from Paekakariki Press – details at